PledgeLA generates annual, anonymized reports that track diversity, equity, inclusion, and community engagement in the LA tech and VC ecosystem. We analyze company practices, staff surveys and public investor data to highlight our region’s unique opportunities and challenges.

2022 Venture Data Report: Key Findings


Dive In

Take a look at the summary findings of our 2022 Venture Data report below. Curious about our methodology? Check out our FAQ summary.

Our Process

2019 – 2021 Annual Reports

What We Track

Our research team conducts a proprietary analysis of public venture data from Pitchbook. We also collect and analyze organizational practices from our member companies and firms.

Venture Portfolio Data

  • Race/Ethnicity of Founding Team
  • Gender of Founding Team
  • Company Location

Org-Level Metrics

  • Demographics of Employee & Portfolio Companies:
    • Race/Ethnicity
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Sexual orientation
    • Disability status
    • Immigration status
    • Veteran status
    • Educational attainment
    • College(s) attended
    • Socioeconomic origin
    • Job title
    • Tenure at firm
    • Salary, bonuses, promotions, and benefits
  • Code of conduct and/or mission statement on diversity and inclusion
  • Advising portfolio companies on fostering workplace diversity and inclusion