Tools To Advance Real Diversity & Equity Work

We’ve curated this selection of resources, conversations, consultants, and aligned organizations to help our members achieve measurable outcomes in their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work. If you’d like to share a resource or need something you don’t see here, reach out to us at: [email protected]

Monthly DEI in a Box Virtual Event Series

Once a month, PledgeLA hosts a discussion gathering leaders from LA tech and VC to tackle specific areas of diversity and inclusion work. Our goal is to share and scale actionable tools to help you advance your impact.

Featured Video: PledgeLA’s DEI in a Box: Reframing “Mentorship”

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Today, there is more dialogue than ever before about how to support young professionals from underrepresented backgrounds that want to break into tech. We’re asking: is “mentorship” enough to achieve this? What do mentors bring to the table and how can mentors serve as advocates for their mentees? This real-talk, action-oriented conversation focuses on how the tech and VC community can work together to further support young professionals and reframe “mentorship.”

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Resources to Accelerate your DEI Impact

Check out these high-impact resources shared by our members in recent DEI in a Box convenings. Let us know what you think!

RENEW (Racial Equity in Newly Empowered Workplaces) Playbook

Check out this detailed playbook, a how-to guide to kickstart or level up diversity and inclusion efforts in your company, with a focus on racial equity.

LACI - Best Practice Guidelines from Yardstick Management

Shared by PledgeLA member LACI, this guide includes valuable, startup-focused information on various DEI topics including goal setting, marketing, and recruitment strategies. Check out pages 22-23 for some specific tips on community & social impact, plus orgs you can engage with.

The Diversity Rider

Shared by PledgeLA member Act One Ventures, learn more about the rider, partners, it’s signatories and how you can get involved today.

DEI Tools for Startups & Portfolio Companies

From Cowboy Ventures, here’s a free toolkit that’s a great resource for portfolio companies (or startups themselves) - loaded with sample DEI surveys, board slides, and sample metrics.

TIME’S UP Guide to Equity and Inclusion During Crisis

This second edition of The TIME’S UP Guide adds urgent and practical advice for leaders committed to leading anti-racist organizations.

Organizations to Engage

Check out organizations from consultants to nonprofits who are working to support diversity and equity in LA’s Tech and VC ecosystem.

DEI Consultants / Specialists

Inclusive Recruitment

Access to Capital

Founder Support

K-12 STEM & Tech Engagement

More great resources to suggest? 

PledgeLA Talent Matching

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