Spotlight: Sky Kelley, Founder & CEO, Avisare

Our Q&A with Sky Kelley, discussing her company’s mission, origins, challenges, and PledgeLA inspiration.

What is Avisare?

Avisare is a procurement platform with a social mission to help small and diverse businesses (“SMWBEs”) grow their revenue through contracting with local and state governments, universities, healthcare companies, and any other organization that is rooted in the local economy. Avisare acts as a “LinkedIn” for the supply chain, functioning as an ecosystem that helps agencies manage their procurement workflow and vet vendors while helping small and diverse businesses navigate the procurement process.

What led you to found the company?

I saw how inefficient the system is and wanted to alleviate wealth inequality through entrepreneurship by fixing that system. It’s led me on this fascinating journey of understanding an ecosystem that crosses politics, big business, small business, and financial lending to solve this multifaceted problem.

What challenges do small businesses face when competing for business with government entities?

Discoverability and access of opportunities, inconsistent and overwhelmingly complicated requirements, navigating government sales cycles, confusing procurement processes, and slow payment terms are among the biggest obstacles.

How do you think your platform will help shape the future of LA?

We’re participating in a very large region-wide initiative that will make it easier for thousands of businesses to navigate the procurement process, grow their revenue through contracting, and get the funds they need. There are hundreds of thousands of small businesses in LA and our platform will help level the playing field for them to grow.

Why did your organization choose to become a member of PledgeLA?

We believe in the power of diversity to make companies better and believe more diverse founders should receive VC funding. We support initiatives to increase diversity in the workforce, in the supply chain, and in the startup world. PledgeLA is a great initiative attempting to make change in a much-needed area and in a groundbreaking way.

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