Inc.: New Data Shows Los Angeles Tech Industry Succeeding at Gender Parity, Lagging in Pay Equity

Getty Images via Inc.

The release of the PledgeLA 2020 Tech and Venture Capital Survey Reports has garnered extensive coverage, including reporting by Sophie Downes, assistant editor at Inc. Downes broke down the survey’s topline findings and methodology, highlighting several promising findings as well as some of the key challenges our work is seeking to address:

PledgeLA tech and VC companies don’t align with overall L.A. county demographics in terms of racial diversity, however. These L.A. companies can learn from Silicon Valley’s failure to adequately promote diversity, says Jasmine Hill, the Annenberg Foundation’s scholar-in-residence, but the region’s tech ecosystem must do more to reflect its environment.

Women and people of color still face an uphill battle for pay equity.

The tech industry’s pay gap persists too, across both gender and racial lines. The median salary of women respondents to the PledgeLA survey is $76,240, compared with $105,000 for men. And while the median salary of Asian respondents is higher than that of Whites, Black and Latinx respondents reported significantly lower pay.

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