PledgeLA’s accountability practices achieve two goals: providing our members with access to actionable, locally-relevant metrics about their organizations and teams; and generating annual, anonymized reporting that tracks the opportunities and challenges in LA tech and VC.

2020 Key Findings and Recommendations

We’re pleased to share the results of PledgeLA’s 2020 Survey, which represents the collective effort and perspectives of hundreds of people in LA’s tech and VC ecosystem. This year’s report builds on our 2019 report of LA venture capital to include data from tech companies for the first time, along with an analysis of public VC portfolio data. 

Dive In

Take a look at the detailed results of our 2020 Tech Company and Venture Capital surveys. You can also view the complete, anonymized data set, available in interactive form on Pluto, our advanced diversity and inclusion platform:


These topline takeaways from the 2020 survey results showcase some of the most notable and actionable data points from our research. Scroll through using the arrows at right and left, and download the images for social sharing using the link at bottom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When they join, our members complete a brief company-level survey that establishes a baseline for their current practices and high-level metrics around diversity and community engagement. Members also receive complimentary access to Pluto, our advanced diversity and inclusion platform that empowers leaders to deploy internal staff-level surveys to their teams. These data, in conjunction with with an analysis of public VC data, is anonymized and rolled-up to create our annual reports.

The annual staff-level survey window is open from September to March each calendar year. During this flexible, 7-month window, our members can deploy our staff-level survey on Pluto whenever is best for their teams.

A common cause of “failure mode” for diversity and inclusion efforts is a lack of data – data about applicants, about staff teams, culture, and investments. By gathering annual data, our members and PledgeLA are modeling best practices that support data-driven goal setting and measurable results.

Beyond our accountability work, PledgeLA also connects civic, private sector, and non-profit partners to increase access to jobs and capital for underrepresented communities. In alignment with this effort, we provide our members with aligned community engagement experiences and vetted resources to help them set and achieve goals around diversity and social impact.

As part of our commitment to accountability, PledgeLA members agree to completing annual company/firm-level and staff-level surveys. To remain a member in good standing, organizations must complete both surveys by March 31 of each calendar year.

Additionally, each PledgeLA member receives a suite of core services worth ~$20k via Pluto, our diversity and equity platform, along with tailored support to set goals and improve outcomes around diversity and community engagement. Additionally, our members leverage connections to LA-based talent and service opportunities, access to exclusive events with other members, on-site workshops, and more.

Each of our members designate an internal survey administrator to manage their company and staff-level datas. Only this individual, and those whom they authorize have access to detailed survey data. While we encourage this data to be shared and discussed with staff teams, this is the prerogative of each member.

After becoming a member, organizations grant their permission to be listed on and other online and promotional materials. Once a part of our community, we encourage members to engage as best suits their unique needs and goals – from mentorship to volunteering to strategic planning resources, we are here to help! Reach out to [email protected] with questions.

Great question! In addition to detailed reporting of survey results, our platform Pluto uses an advanced algorithm to create personalized “Plans” to help leaders engage around the 2-3 most critical issues emerging from their data. Members are always welcome to reach out to PledgeLA for additional support.

PledgeLA never releases identifiable information about members or their teams in our annual reporting. Our reports are fully anonymous, and track high-level trends and patterns in LA’s tech and VC sectors.

PledgeLA’s commitment to member privacy is a core part of our commitment to accountability. PledgeLA will never share individual member data with other organizations or the public, and only publishes de-identified, anonymous data in our reporting. To protect individual staff-members at our member companies, our platform Pluto uses advanced data-security features, retaining no traceable information about users and employing unique algorithms to “mask” the results of individuals that might stand out on small teams. For more about our Pluto’s privacy features, click here.

That’s great! For organizations that already conduct annual staff surveys on diversity, inclusion, and culture, we have an alternate process that allows them to share their own anonymized data with PledgeLA each year by January 31. When these organizations apply to join PledgeLA, we do a quick check to see if their existings surveys are well-aligned enough to be included in our reporting. For more information, contact: [email protected]

What We Track

As part of this initiative, we will hold ourselves accountable to analyzing, reporting, and improving the following metrics:

Community Engagement

  • Mentoring
  • Volunteering
  • Board service
  • Charitable donations
  • Offering Internship programs
  • Using a local bank
  • Providing community engagement opportunities and/or paid time off for employee community engagement
  • Giving preference to vendors owned by women or other underrepresented groups
  • Designating a portion of annual budget to local impact
  • Advising portfolio companies on maximizing local community engagement
  • Investing in Los Angeles start-ups

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Demographics of Employee & Portfolio Companies:
    • Race/Ethnicity
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Sexual orientation
    • Disability status
    • Immigration status
    • Veteran status
    • Educational attainment
    • College(s) attended
    • Socioeconomic origin
    • Job title
    • Tenure at firm
    • Salary, bonuses, promotions, and benefits
  • Code of conduct and/or mission statement on diversity and inclusion
  • Advising portfolio companies on fostering workplace diversity and inclusion

2019 Baseline Survey

Check out our inaugural 2019 VC Survey Report, created with Harder + Company. We collected data from our member firms who had joined the pledge as of October 2018. Based on our research, this data represents the Los Angeles VC ecosystem at a 90% confidence level. To read more about the key findings and how we responded, read the press release.