Accelerating access and social mobility for all Angelenos in LA's tech and VC sectors.

PledgeLA is a collective of LA-based tech companies and venture capital firms working to create measurable change. To build a tech sector that will truly reflect the diversity of Los Angeles, we focus on:


Providing organizations with aligned community engagement experiences and vetted resources to help them set and achieve goals around diversity and social impact.


Connecting civic, private sector, and non-profit partners to increase access to jobs and capital for underrepresented communities.


Fostering a true committment to accountability – our members participate in annual company and staff-level surveys to help track LA’s progress and challenges.

Surveying the Landscape

We release annual, action-oriented reports that measure LA’s progress towards increasing diversity, equity, and community engagement in the tech and innovation sector. Click below to read our 2023 Venture Data Report:

Gender and Pay Equity
Gender pay equity remains a persistent concern for LA tech. Regardless of role or experience, women at PledgeLA companies earn $20,000 less than men.
Women with 20+ years of experience make an alarming $90k less than men of similar tenure.

Take Action
Evaluate the equity of pay for women at all levels, functions, and experience on your team.

White employees out-earn Black and Latinx staff considerably, making an average of $90k net of experience and role.
This compares to just $75k for Black employees, and a paltry $60k for Latinx employees .

Take Action
Identify and work to address pay equity gaps on your team. Build a transparent compensation structure understood by all employees.

PledgeLA tech companies have a much larger share of employees and leaders from under-represented backgrounds when compared to Silicon Valley.
Most white employees in LA tech were referred by a colleague, while most people of color applied via the company website.

Take Action
Track applicant data to look for trends/outcomes. Broaden your networks to attract LA talent missing from your team.

Compared to the national average, PledgeLA venture capital firms have invested in almost twice as many female founders .
Investments in Black founders are six times the national average.
Funding to Latinx founders is eight times the national average.

At the same time, these numbers track well below each identity’s share of the local population.

Take Action
Normalize tracking metrics about the diversity of the founders in your portfolio. Set goals to close gaps, and share your progress.

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